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Israr Ud Din

Assistant Professor
  • School of Interdisciplinary Engineering & Sciences
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Dr. Israr Ud Din is currently Assistant Professor at RCMS, NUST, Pakistan. He received his PhD degree from (LTI), Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France. His area of research is composites.

Academic Background
PhD (Composites Damage Modeling) Université de Picardie Jules-Verne September 01, 2014 - November 30, 2018
Honours and Awards
Silver Medal BISE SWAT
PhD Funding PhD Scholarship
PIEAS MS Fellowship Fully Funded MS Fellowship for two years July 01, 2006
Heat Transfer Augmentation and Entropy Generation Analysis of Microchannel Heat Sink (MCHS) with Symmetrical Ogive-Shaped Ribs March 17, 2023 Kareem Akhtar, Haseeb Ali, Israr Ud Din, Azed Abbas, Muhammad Zeeshan Zahir, Faraz Ahmad, Fayyaz Alam, Nasir Shah, Muhammad Aamir, Energies - Volume 16(6), Article Number 2783
Experimental investigation on the quasi-static crush performance of resin-infused thermoplastic 3D fibre-reinforced composites December 01, 2021 S.Z.H Shah, PSM. Megat-Yousaf, R.S. Choudhry, Zubair Sajid, Israr Ud Din, Composites Communications - Volume 28, Article Number 100916
Effect of Cutting Parameters and Tool Geometry on the Performance Analysis of One-Shot Drilling Process of AA2024-T3 May 23, 2021 Muhammad Aamir, Khalid Giasin, Majid Tolouei-Rad, Israr Ud Din, Muhammad Imran Hanif , Ugur Kuklu, Danil Yuriech Pimenov, Muhammad Ikhlaq, Metals - Volume 11(6), Article Number 854
Compression and buckling after impact response of resin-infused thermoplastic and thermoset 3D woven composites February 15, 2021 S.Z.H Shah, PSM. Megat-Yousaf, S. Karuppanan, R.S Choudhry, Israr Ud Din, A.R. Othman, K. Sharp, P. Gerard, Composites Part B: Engineering - Volume 207, Article Number 108592
Sequential damage study induced in fiber reinforced composites by shear and tensile stress using a newly developed Arcan fixture November 01, 2020 Israr-ud-Din, Shanshan Tu, Pei Hao, Stephane Panier, Kamran Ahmed Khan, Rehan Umer, S.Z.H. Shah, Gerald Franz, Muhammad Aamir, Journal of Materials Research and Technology - Volume 9, Issue 6, Pages 13352-13364
Processing and out-of-plane properties of composites with embedded graphene paper for EMI shielding applications July 01, 2020 Israr-ud-Din, K. Naresh, R. Umer, K.A Khan, L.T Drzal, M. Haq, W.J Cantwell, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing - Volume 134, Article Number 105901
Design of a New Arcan Fixture for In-plane Pure Shear and Combined Normal/Shear Stress Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites April 01, 2020 Israr-ud-Din, Pei Hao, Stephane Panier, K.A Khan, M. Aamir, G. Franz, K. Akhtar, Experimental Techniques - Volume 44, Pages 44, 231–240
Finite element modeling of indentation and adhesive wear in sliding of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer against metallic counterpart July 01, 2019 Israr Ud Din, Stephane Panier, Pei Hao, Gerald Franz, Jayashree Bijweb, Li Hui, Tribology International - Volume 135, Pages 200-212
Performance of SAC305 and SAC305-0.4La lead free electronic solders at high temperature April 01, 2019 Muhammad Aamir, Majid Tolouei-Ra, Israr Ud Din, Khaled Giasin, Ana Vafadar, Soldering & Surface Mount Technology - Volume 31, Issue 4, Pages 250-260
FEM implementation of the coupled elastoplastic/damage model: Failure prediction of Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRPs) composites April 01, 2019 Israr-ud-Din, Pei Hao, M. Aamir, Gerald Franz, Stephane Panier, Journal of Solid Mechanics - Vol. 11, No. 4, Pages 842-853
Elastoplastic CDM model based on Puck’s theory for the prediction of mechanical behavior of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites October 01, 2018 Israr Ud Din, Pei Hao, Gerald Franz, Stephane Panier, Composite structures - Volume 201, Pages 291-302
Teacher Assistant University of Picardie Jules Verne September 01, 2015 - October 30, 2018
Manager Advanced Engineering Research Organization (AERO) October 30, 2008 - September 30, 2014