Immersive Interaction Lab

Lab Description

The gap between real world and the digital content has always existed but is narrowing rapidly. Human interaction with digital content in the cyberspace can be made more intimate through incorporation of senses that are not conventionally used in our everyday interaction with computers such as the sense of touch, balance, etc. Immersive interaction lab aims to investigate avenues of multimodal interaction for increased immersion in various application domains. We explore opportunities to generate enhanced and enriched experiences through immersive visualization and multiple interaction channels. The areas of research interest of the lab members include virtual/augmented/mixed reality, haptic interaction, brain-computer interfaces for simulation, education and training.

Project Title

  • Virtual reality based procedural memorization of general aviation light aircraft checklists
  • Understanding the role of VR in asynchronous content delivery for chemistry education
  • Game-induced emotion analysis using electroencephalography
  • Effect of haptic feedback on pilot/operator performance during flight simulation
  • Pseudo-Haptic feedback through mid-air action for learning of chemical bond strengths