News Hiring – Research Associate (Biomechanical Engineer)

Hiring – Research Associate (Biomechanical Engineer)


Job Title Research Associate –

Biomechanical Engineer

No. of Positions 02
Duration 2 Years
School/Institute/Centre SINES
1 Purpose of Position
The major theme of this research is to investigate bone health, taking into account changes in Bone Mineralization and Bone Mineral Density (BMD) after contracting coronavirus. The candidate is expected to use state-of-the-art methods in Computational Biomechanics and numerical techniques including Finite Element Method, Advanced Image Processing and Computer Aided Engineering to develop Computer models.
2 Functions/Duties (Key Responsibilities)
The candidate should be able to:

1.      Perform Advanced Image processing techniques

2.      Build 3D models

3.      Implement Numerical Modeling and High-End Visualization

4.      Write scientific Reports

5.      Should be able to have independent thinking aptitude.

3 Requirements
Essential Desired
Qualifications Bachelors in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/Computational Mechanics/Biomedical Engineering from HEC recognized institution Experience in Image Processing/Image analysis and Mathematical modeling/Computational Models
Experience MS students (in progress) may apply 3 months+ experience in similar role

Knowledge/ Skills/Abilities/ Competencies

·         Independent thinking

·         Advanced Image Processing Skills.

·         Computational Modeling/Numerical models

·         Mechanics of Materials

·         Bone mechanics

·         Report writing skills, Team management & project management skills

·         Modeling of mechanical designs in 3D CAD tool

4 How to Apply
Please email your resume to [email protected] if you fulfil the criteria mentioned above in the subject field by 30th August 2022.