Faculty Masood Ur Rehman Kayani

Masood Ur Rehman Kayani

Assistant Professor
  • School of Interdisciplinary Engineering & Sciences
  • 0518865744

My current research focuses on the role of the human microbiome in health and disease and developing improved methods for microbiome data analysis. Specifically, my group is investigating the links between microbiome imbalances and conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cancers, among others. Our goal is to uncover novel connections and identify biomarkers for early diagnosis, treatment response, and personalized medicine. Through our research, we hope to contribute to a deeper understanding of the complex interactions between the microbiome and human health, with the ultimate aim of improving disease diagnosis and treatment.

Academic Background
PhD (Bioinformatics) Tsinghua University September 17, 2012 - October 10, 2018
Honours and Awards
Longitudinal analysis of exposure to a low concentration of oxytetracycline on the zebrafish gut microbiome September 22, 2022 Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Kan Yu, Yushu Qiu, Xiaogang Yu, Lei Chen, Lisu Huang, Frontiers in Microbiology - Volume 13, Article Number 985065
Genome-Resolved Characterization of Structure and Potential Functions of the Zebrafish Stool Microbiome June 15, 2022 Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Syed Shujaat Ali Zaidi, Ru Feng, Kan Yu, Yushu Qiu, Xiaogang Yu, Lei Chen, Lisu Huang, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology - Volume 12, Article Number 910766
Patients with Primary and Secondary Bile Duct Stones Harbor Distinct Biliary Microbial Composition and Metabolic Potential April 25, 2022 Ru Feng, Tianyu Zhang, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Zhengting Wang, Yao Shen, Kenn Liu Su, Kouken Bielike, Lei Chen, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology - Volume 12, Article Number 881489
Soil pH: a key edaphic factor regulating distribution and functions of bacterial community along vertical soil profiles in red soil of pomelo orchard February 01, 2022 Muhammad Atif Muneer, Wei Hou, Jian Li, Xiaoman Huang, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Yuanyang Cai, Wenhao Yang, Liangquan Wu, Baoming Ji, Chaoyuan Zheng, BMC Microbiology - Volume 22, Issue 1, Article Number 38
Characterization of the Gastrointestinal and Reproductive Tract Microbiota in Fertile and Infertile Pakistani Couples December 28, 2021 Ammara Manzoor, Saira Amir, Farzana Gul, Muhammad Abubakar Sidique, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Syed Shujaat Ali Zaidi, Sundus Javed, Syed Tahir Abbas Shah, Arshan Nasir, Biology - Volume:11, Issue:1,
Genome-resolved metagenomics using environmental and clinical samples September 01, 2021 Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Wanqiu Huang, Ru Feng, Lei Chen, Briefings in Bioinformatics - Volume 22, Issue 5, Pages 1-20
Environmental concentrations of antibiotics alter the zebrafish gut microbiome structure and potential functions June 01, 2021 Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Kan Yu, Yushu Qiu, Yao Shen, Caixia Gao, Ru Feng, Xinxin Zeng, Weiye Wang, Lei Chen, Huang Li Su, Environmental Pollution - Volume 278, Article Number 116760
Prediction and analysis of metagenomic operons via MetaRon: a pipeline for prediction of Metagenome and whole-genome opeRons January 19, 2021 Syed Shujaat Ali Zaidi, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Xuegong Zhang, Younan Ouyang, Imran Haider Shamsi, BMC Genomics - Volume 22, Issue 1, Article Number: 60
DNA phosphorothioate modification facilitates the dissemination of mcr-1 and blaNDM-1 in drinking water supply systems January 01, 2021 Hira Khan, Mingkun Liu, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Shakeel Ahmad, Jingdan Liang, Xiaohui Bai, Environmental Pollution - Volume 268, Part A, Article Number 115799
Dynamics of the Salivary Microbiome During Different Phases of Crohn's Disease October 06, 2020 Tianyu Zhang, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Liwen Hong, Chen Zhang, Jie Zhong, Zhengting Wang, Lei Chen, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology - Volume 10, Article Number 544704
Genome Sequences and Comparative Analysis of Two Extended-Spectrum Extensively-Drug Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains December 18, 2018 Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Yong-Chang Zheng, Fu-Cun Xie, Kai Kang, Han-Yu Li, Hai-Tao Zhao, Frontiers in Pharmacology - Volume 9, Article Number 1492
Metagenomic analysis of basal ice from an Alaskan glacier July 05, 2018 Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Shawn M. Doyle, Naseer Sangwan, Guanqun Wang, Jack A. Gilbert, Brent C. Christner, Ting F. Zhu, Microbiome - Volume 6, Issue 1, Article Number 123
Comprehensive analysis of circRNA expression bprofiles in humans by RAISE December 01, 2017 Lin Li, Yong-Chang Zheng, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Wen Xu, Guanqun Wang, Pei Sun, Ning Ao, Li-Na Zhang, Zhao-Qi Gu, Liang-Cai Wu, Hai-Tao Zhao, International Journal of Oncology - Volume 51, Issue 6, Pages 1625-1638
The essential mycobacterial amidotransferase GatCAB is a modulator of specific translational fidelity August 26, 2016 Hong-Wei Su, Jun-Hao Zhu, Hao Li, Rong-Jun Cai, Christopher Ealand, Xun Wang, Yu-Xiang Chen, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Ting F. Zhu, Danesh Moradigaravand, Huang Hairong, Bavesh D. Kana, Babak Javid, Nature Microbiology - Volume:1, Article Number 16147
Transmitted extended-spectrum extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in Beijing, China, with discordant whole-genome sequencing analysis results August 01, 2015 Hao Li, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Yunting Gu, Xiaobo Wang, Ting F. Zhu, Hongfei Duan, Yifang Ma, Hairong Huang, Babak Javid, Journal of Clinical Microbiology - Volume 53, Issue 8, Pages 2781-2784
Rapid identification of multi-strain HBV infection in patient by high-throughput DNA sequencing June 16, 2015 Yongchang Zheng, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Ting F. Zhu, Quantitative Biology - Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 103-106
Role of miRNAs in Breast Cancer December 01, 2011 Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Mahmood Akhtar Kayani, Faraz Arshad Malik, Rani Faryal, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention - Volume 12, Issue 12, Pages 3175-3180
Lack of Germ Line Changes in KISS1 and KAI1 Genes in Sporadic Head and Neck Cancer Patients of Pakistani Origin October 01, 2011 M Nazir, Masood ur Rehman Kayani, Faraz Arshad Malik, Nosheen Masood, Mahmood Akhtar Kayani, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention - Volume 12, Issue 10, Pages 2767-2772
Assistant Professor Capital University Of Science and Technology (CUST) November 15, 2022 - January 31, 2023
Belt and Road Young Scientist Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai China December 01, 2019 - September 30, 2022
International Exchange Postdoctoral Researcher Shanghai Institute of Immunology, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University February 01, 2019 - May 29, 2021