Faculty Usman Zia 1

Usman Zia

Adjunct Faculty

Enterprise Solutions Architect with more than 18 yrs experience in leading design and development teams for enterprise business applications. PhD in Generative AI. Asst Professor (adjunct) at SINES, NUST

Academic Background
PhD (Deep Learning NLP) NUST, Islamabad October 14, 2015 - November 29, 2022
Honours and Awards
Deep-view linguistic and inductive learning (DvLIL) based framework for Image Retrieval November 01, 2023 Ikhlaq Ahmed, Naima Altaf, Zafran Khan, Dr Usman Zia0, Information Sciences - Volume 649, Article Number: 119641
An Effective Model for Indirect Trust Computation in Pervasive Computing Environment April 01, 2014 Naima Altaf, Abdul Ghafoor, Usman Zia, Mukhtar Hussain, Wireless Personal Communications - Volume: 75 Issue: 3 Pages: 1689-1713 Special Issue: SI
A mechanism for detecting dishonest recommendation in indirect trust computation July 13, 2013 Naima Altaf, Abdul Ghafoor, Usman Zia, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking - Article Number: 189
Lt Col GHQ April 13, 2003 - April 29, 2023